a1. The modern and easy urban poetics of fun. from LOL-FI = fun-fidelity.

a2. Lolfism is a creative movement/intermedia project developed by Mārtiņš Eņģelis helping Eltons Kūns (LV). It's based on the observations of today's life, thinking about obstacles, that limit creativity as such and define art as something elitaire, professional and high-class. Lolfists better drink to understanding and curiosity.

a3. In a nutshell it denies artistic urges as something subordinated from human most basic needs like breathing, eating and feeling safe and puts poetic creativity as the main reason to evolve.

a4. In fact it denies the conception, that there is art or anti-art as a word and idea in general, especially when it's made and meant to have a price. Manufacture is repetition of a poetic (art) object, and repetition delivers nothing creative if only it's poetic process itself. Shortly - if you sell it once, it's work or service, if twice - it's a product. Since art is creation and creation apart from it is also design, engineering, social projects, literature, fights, cooking etc., lolfists, for sake of peace, don't call the world in any names, they appreciate, cognize, enjoy and detonate the world as a "minefield of options".

a5. Lolfists are the second generation of virtuosos and true creators, not artists. Poetic creativity is the new shape of hobby, work and worldview. Open-source is the movement's driving force. We are the open-source generation.

a6. Lolfism puts emphasis on having fun and enthusiasm, while creating (living) and primary expressing irony, excitement or joy (but, good lord, forget about positivism or rough sarcasm), yet being honest, responsible, thoughtful and humble. Lolfists value, enrich and proceed responsibly and continuously - world's consciousness is an eternal elusive memory disk (softdrive), that remembers everything. That's why - if the work never creates another work, there is no sense of it's being to the world only to the creator oneself.

a7. Lolfism is not here to yell, shock, enrage or prove, it's here to converse and share the wisdom with the world. This is the first true poetic movement of free and kind thought. It's given and taken, because it cares and interests.

a8. Lolfists try to restore romantic ideas in the way it used to be and turn it the urban way.

a9. Lolfism is the new urban romanticism. It is an answer to those, who deny city as a hideaway, who try to prove something to others, to prove old ways are bad and new are always good. Lolfists learn to hide in cities, do something to change themselves first and are inspired by the past, the present and the future. Then they appropriate and create.

a10. Lolfists care about the past, the present and the future all together and it's called now, and they don't hold back things to tomorrow they can do today (if there is any sense to do it, and it's the choice of the self).

a11. Lolfists are responsibly self-deliberating - they live by their own weighed-out truths and wishes without selfishly disturbing and taking advantages from others. Lolfists are individuals that follow the lolfism manifesto and proudly leaves #lolfi hashtag by their actions.


contact and join: engelis[@]rixc.lv