b1. CREATING IS THE NEW BREATHING Creativity is the work of imagination. Creation is the key of evolution and a secured guaranty of sustainability. Art and anti-art is everything, if it's correctly proposed. Poetic creativity is not starving for any proposition - night or day, warm or cold it's a psychological freedom of expression and comprehension. Real freedom is a tree, who needs a root to spread branches without time and boarders. Human suffocates because of air insufficiency, human drowns because of air plenitude. Maximalism and minimalism is noxious. Be disharmonically harmonic - life is a cardiogramme. Live and continue - living doesn't mean to be inspired from one thing to another, it means to be in a never-ending inspiration. There is no profession for creativity.

b2. THINK AND DO Behind every work of yours there is a responsible thought. Behind every work there is a cleaner view for others. Sustainability means, when creativity gives birth, heritage stays alive and everybody keeps breathing. Only value creates value. Let a new efficiency take over the old one and less consuming the more one. Outlast ideas and things that live too short and let there be ideas and things that outlast you. Create small things with great thoughts. You don't need lots of good, but you need good. Medium is the message is YOU. Do it yourself - Do it ALL yourself. Things don't happen if you don't happen. Sometimes it's not important what to, it's important - how to.

b3. FOR HATE AND SORROW THERE'S NO TOMORROW You must live today through fun fidelity. If you take it seriously you will get hurt. Today you must be active, creative, ironic, and yet responsible, open-minded, playful, unobtrusive and humble. Achievement can't be limited, if you play. Your work doesn't cause hate, if you refer with respect, your work doesn't bring sorrow, if you enjoy it's brave rebirth. Live to be proud to be tired. The result comes always, if you have someone to talk with. Talk to yourself and the world in dialogues. War is not a dialogue. If not an argument, it's a monologue. Real pacifism even doesn't fight for pacifism. Your biggest war of this century will be war against yourself and your habit.

b4. WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING AND WE ARE OK WITH IT, BUT WE HAVE RIGHTS TO KNOW We create and share, you create and share, and creativity is born under freedom of our sharing and understanding. You can be invisible, but we want to see your work. The truth is our only hope. You can forget, but you can also always return. The united consciousness of mankind is our only softdrive of the world's memory, and appreciating it's open folders of experience this softdrive is in an eternal progress.

b5. BEING ON THE NET IS NOT BEING CAUGHT. NOT BEING CLEVER IS Being virtual doesn't mean loosing reality, it means gaining another one next to. Virtual is not unreal, it's a different real. Stay on the net and catch, stay on the net and be caught. Don't be a fish, be the river - river in the net is light and purposeful, fish is apathetic, instinctive, chaotic. The clever one knows the width of the nets eye, the clever one learns the freedom. Network away from the keyboard. You don't rot in others presence, you mellow. Sharing is the only formula of evolution. Human relationship are not only Internet-official. Someone of us can visit someone of us. Money transfer means another lost meeting.

b6. THERE IS NO FUTURE IF ONLY IT'S NOW SUstainability is based on respecting the past, the present and the future. If you care about the future - think about it now. Don't hold things over tomorrow you can do today. Look at the work today with an eye of tomorrow. Change, and the world will change with you.

b7. ROMANTICISM JUST TURNED URBAN In the age of transparency learn to be invisible. Learn the city as your pocket. Lear the city as a tool, and oasis, like flowerbed and Everest. Learn the city by stopping, as it swings before you and opens, learn the city while following it's pace, look at every turn, square and facade as for the first time. The beauty of the city unveils itself if you pretend to be it's stranger. The roofs are unreclaimed hills, backyards are unreclaimed lands, basements - caves of the stone age. Every city has it's overlifting skyspace to dissapear in. Down there is a new folklore, works, myths and truth. Read and research, relish and estimate, influence and proceed. Reading is not the new black, reading is back. The city will be your stage, it will be your hideaway. Sometimes loving the city doesn't mean loving it's people. Learn to retrieve your breath, when being imprisoned by houses. A bicycle is the extension of your spirit.